Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Emily sent us the following pictures and email on Monday, April 14, 2014:

L-R:  German, Francisca, Hna. Clifton, Erik, Hna. Blankinship, Hna. Emily
German and Francisca came and found me at general conference!   Apparently they'd been looking forward to this for a long time and Francisca brought tamales for me to take home and eat.  They are doing so good and being such faithful members.  It's crazy because people hardly even know anything before they get baptized.  The conversion comes after and the baptism is still just an act of faith.   [Emily taught German & Francisca in her first area.  They were baptized just before Em was transferred.  Emily loves them dearly, and I think they feel the same way about her. :) ]

This is Sweet Teodoro.  This is the Saturday of general conference and we wanted him to go to the priesthood session.  We passed by his house about an hour before so we could teach him and help him understand how cool it would be to hear the words of a living day profeta.  

I know it's kinda hard to tell, but this man is little and the most tender person I've ever met!  We talked to him and then when we asked him if someone could pick him up to take him to the session, he had to decline because he was right in the middle of cleaning and getting food ready for his wife who would be coming home from dialysis and the rest of his family members that were expecting him to have things ready.  And he is just a little guy with lots of things to do.  He has a lot of health issues and he is still so genuinely happy and delights in the small things.  His health is really bad right now.  He has been having really bad head and intestine pain because he has had prostate cancer for the last 5/6 years and then he fell last week.  He picked up some medicine but I don't know if it is doing anything for him.  Sometimes my heart hurts for him because he is so tender and he is in pain and he is the most faithful and joyful investigator we visit.

At first we didn't know how to react to him telling us that he wasn't going to come.  After a minute we decided that we should pray and ask Heavenly Father what he thought Teodoro should do.  We let him say the prayer and it was the most precious thing I've ever been a part of.  

He knelt down on this little knees and, bowing his head and holding his hands in his lap, he offered the most sincere prayer: 

Padre nuestro, te pedimos este día por tu ayuda porque tengo muchas cosas de hacer y yoli (Yolanda is his esposa) va a regresar y necesito hacer comida y limiar y solo estoy yo aquí de manejar todas esas cosas.  Y padre gracias por las hermanitas que están y por la lucha que están haciendo que yo vaya y se que quieres que tenga tu espíritu solo es que necesito ayuda y no hay alguien otro que solo yo de hacer esas cosas.  

(Heavenly Father, we ask you this day for your help because I have lots of things to do and Yoli is going to return and I need to make food and clean and it's only me here to do all these things.  And thank you for the hermanitas here and that they are in the fight that I go and I know that you want me to have your spirit.  It's just that I I need your help and there isn't anyone else except me to do all these things.)

Whenever we come to his house he just gets so excited and calls out "Hermanitas!"  and then he says "boy a bajar me libro!" (I'm going to bring down my book) and then he goes over to the stairs and takes off his little mexi platform worker shoes and walks up the carpeted stairs.  When he returns from the upstairs he slips his feet back into his little shoes and comes over all ready to read and excited to show us what parts he's read since we saw him last.  Teodoro is remarkable because he understands the message and he understands what we talk about.  After the priesthood session of conference he asked me why they had said that una persona necessita las lllaves para user el sacerdocio (why a person needs 'keys' to use the priesthood).  He thinks about everything he hears and I help him understand everything we talk about in principios del evangelio at church.  

[These pictures show that Emily is still mischievous and loves to have fun!]

We thought it would be fun to hesusify the elder's door.  They live in our area, and we had a bunch of junk cards that don't have any numbers or websites on them so.....tada!

Emily & her 2 companions, with Enio, a recent convert.

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