Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Emily sent the following email on Monday, May 5, 2014:

Hey!  I got your letter before email time!  Teodoro is just so precious!  Here is something really sweet: we had Stake Conference on Sunday.  Elder Oaks didn't come, but Elder Christensen and Elder Garns from the Seventy came.  Teodoro should've been picked up by Hno. Sacor or maybe Hno. Garcia, but he was working all last week and nothing was ever solidly coordinated, and so no one ended up passing by to get him.  But, guess who we found at the end of the conference!  LIttle Teodoro with his mochila to carry his Libro de Mormon.  He tried calling for a ride, but when nothing worked, he went and caught a bus and made it for Stake Conference!  He already understands the importance of church more than all the menos activos in the world!  I honestly was very surprised and touched that he had done that!  I thought it'd be appropriate to reinforce this idea and praise him for his faithfulness.  He really understands.  We talked to him about it and he told us that, "he'd made a commitment, and therefore was promised and he had to go and since no one came, he had to get a bus and he went as fast as he could because he had to get to the church."  He loved getting to see us on the stand when the missionary choir sang during the meeting. 

The royal man (President Hall) was in attendance at our Stake Conference and he had the crowd of Hispanics all in love with him.  One of his favorite icebreakers is to tell everyone that he'd always heard that Spanish was the language of los angeles, and here he is living in Los Angeles, and sure enough, that is the language that they speak!  They all loved him after that!  He helped them understand how much this mission means to him and about how his parents had both served their missions in this same valley 50 years ago.  He had every person in that room ready to do anything he asked them to do. 

I was so impressed with both of the Seventy that were there.  They addressed the crowd in perfect Spanish.  If nothing else, that had to be a testimony to the people that those men are backed by God.  I don't know how they keep their Spanish up so well, but I am determined to be like them!!!  Basically what needs to happen in my future life is that I need to marry someone that gets called as a mission president in a foreign Spanish speaking country so I can really get it down.  I would LOVE that!

I am still thinking the ipads will come this week.  I have my suspicions for Friday because they are having zone conferences (which are usually all Spanish) but this time it is every two zones.  I think they'll be giving them to us then and going over rules and training us. 

I should be able to Skype you on Mother's Day at about 6:00 or maybe 7:00 my time. 

I got the bike seat you sent and I like it very much!  We basically always only bike.

I also saw German and Francisca at Stake Conference and they love me just as much as ever.  They look very Mormon!  Most people take Stake Conference as a day off and the fact that German, Francisca, and Eric all were there looking so guapo!...It was wonderful!

It turns out that Adrian is going to get married in September and he wants me to go to his wedding, but I obviously won't be able to go... :(  Maybe for his sealing later on in life.  The one thing that scares me is that his to-be wife doesn't seem that converted to the gospel.  She goes to church when it is convenient and that is not good enough. 

This week, we were walking and a man was smiling really big at me and told me he recognized me from Canyon Country.  I didn't recognize him.  He told me that he remembered that I was the girl that would run in the mornings and be followed by the other girl on a bike!  This is how I knew it was true!  In Canyon Country, I would run, and Hna. Larsen would ride by bike behind me and we ran around our area!  He is the dad of a family and lives in the building almost right next to ours!  How crazy is that!  I think he works at the apartment complex where I lived before or something!  He must be a gardener!

We had a very spiritual lesson with a man named Oscar.  In the mission, we are making efforts to teach to understanding, thus asking more questions and really listening to thoughts that they have because very frequently, intellectually they don't grasp very much of what we tell them.  During our lesson with Oscar we talked about how people would have hunger for the word of God.  But also how they'd had the Bible all along, so how could it be that they would have hunger for the word of God, but have the Bible.  He stopped and after thinking, replied that that was a great question. 

Bertha, the owner of the hot dog stand cried when we read Mosiah 24:14 with her. 

I think I had the best day of my mission on Wednesday!  I worked really hard, Hna. Blankinship got a flat tire, other things, and yes!

I love you and I can't wait until Sunday!  Love, me!  If you need to tell me anything before Skyping, you can write me a letter.  The whole Skyping process is going to be pretty flexible, so just tell me if you have any requests or anything.

Love, me!

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