Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We received the following email from Emily on Monday, June 16, 2014:

Dear familia,
I still have yet to talk to the president about school and future options, but he told me that after transfers and the busy stuff in the mission dies down, that we should talk about everything, so I am excited about that. 
We had my favorite family at church on Sunday.  Maria Linda is one of my favorite investigators because she is so smart, she cares about her children, she is responsible and interested and allows herself to really ponder on the things we talk to her about.  When they called us to ask which street they needed to turn onto to get to the church, I said to myself that that was one of the happiest moments of my mission.  All 6 of them filled up a whole row!  The ward is excited to help us with them. 

Soila Hernandez is going to get baptized on Sunday!  She passed her baptismal interview and is ...I would go so far as to use the word "giddy"...about this day finally getting here.  Soila is a miracle.  She doesn't know how to read, yet she is learning to read as she slowly reads verses of the book of Mormon.

They released our old ward mission leader.  This made me really sad because I love hno. Sacor.  He was always telling us, "me llamen, me llamen".  He is a superb teacher.  He should give trainings on how to teach.  He is motivating and he becomes the best friend of every investigator.  I know that he did all he did because he was trying to get blessings for his family.  He is so humble and he had a rough go about, but I tried to support him and let him help us.  Hno. Sacor went online and ordered a manual for his calling and I know that he studied it.  I am so impressed with him and the changes that he made and the effort that he put into his calling.  There were two times that he took the missionaries out to McDonalds after coordination and his esposa and "gente" would come and meet him there.  I really admire Hno. Sacor. 

They had a ward party!  Oh my gosh!  Hispanic ward parties are WONDERFUL!!!  There is always a lot of really good food and get this, afterwards, they DANCE!  They do salsa and merengue and chaue (or something).  All dance and it is the funnest thing to watch!!!!  I took a small video on my  camera chip that you guys will have to see.  The dancing is a little bit sassy and looks like so much fun! 

We can come back when there is going to be one of these parties because you need to experience this.  Or we can just talk to hno. sacor and he can plan a party for when we visit! 

We made friends with a lot of children in many apartment complexes!  We feel like celebrities!  They are always so excited to raise their hands and volunteer the things they've learned about Jesus.  We taught the kids in one complex how to play Colored Easter Eggs.  They love it when we come and they run to us. Sometimes I feel like Peter Pan with all the lost boys just following the leader!  I know that because we talked to everyone and didn't overlook them that they will talk to missionaries when they are a little bit older. 
Love, Hermana Em

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