Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We received the following email from Emily on Monday, Sept. 8, 2014:

Dear Familia,

Hna. Avila and I are still together.  We have transfers in about 2 weeks....AHHHH!  One of us will stay in the area, one of us will leave.  

German and Francisca are going to start taking the temple classes.  

I prepared a lot for my talk last Sunday and I think I did a good job.  I was amazed to see that God could take a girl that didn't know Spanish, and after a year have her give a talk in very understandable Spanish.  I definitely can feel that he is the one behind all that I do.  

Teodoro took an unexpected trip to Mexico.  

Adrian is getting married this month!  I should give you his phone number so you can call him!  I really love him.  I wrote him this week and asked him if he'd like to meet you when you come.  

I think driving home together will be really fun :)

Our district is working really hard.  We have a lot of quality investigators, but getting people to actually come to church is like pulling out their teeth.   Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't have to push them as much as I do.  

I experienced desanimo and frustration this week after our investigators didn't come to church.  I recovered though :)

We have brought back a bunch of menos activos.  

We had some finding miracles.  Maria de Los Angeles and her husband Constantino were just waiting for missionaries to knock on their door.  The only way we even made it to their house is because we set a contacting goal and I was determined to die of thirst and sweat into a puddle before we were going to surrender.  We got further and further into this neighborhood following our hispanic sensors.  Maria has a Book of Mormon that was given to her by her cousin.  It seems like he did a wonderful job gently planting seeds so that we could find them.  We had them find their Book of Mormon so we could teach them about what it was.  They felt the spirit and both ended up crying.  They said that if it was true, they would want to be members of the true church.  She wanted us to pray for her because she was going into surgery the next day.  She was still recovering Sunday from her surgery, but she is a very tender woman and she feels like she should already be a member of the church.  
besos y brazos, 

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