Friday, September 5, 2014

We received the following letter from Emily on Monday, September 1, 2014:

Hey familia!

How are you doing? :)

I feel like I never have even 2 seconds to myself and sometimes that is really hard for me.  We are having Elder Larisen (70) come to visit our mission pretty soon.  We are all supposed to be preparing a short talk on how to be a more consecrated missionary.  Also, I am giving a 15 minute talk this Sunday on Christlike attributes.

This is good news:  tomorrow we have our a quick every-other-transfer interviews with the president and I have everything ready for the ecclesiastical endorsement.  It’s weird to me how this option sort of came out of the blue.  It feels a lot to me like I am re-living my deciding to go to SUU.  The idea came...  would never really be an option...  but then we open that path as a possibility and then once open it presents a more tempting option and you feel the spark of excitement.

Yoni y David
They are the cutest boys, but they are not progressing.  We can’t even get them to pray out loud.  They are so shy it is painful.  It is so sad, but I think we will just have one last lesson with them and then hope missionaries find them in the future.
I was hoping to sell my bike but instead someone is borrowing it because theirs broke.  Maybe she’ll want to just buy it because the one she was using before is really old and mine is still nice.

Anyway, I love you!  I’ll talk to you soon!  Love, Emma

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