Thursday, December 4, 2014

Emily sent the following email on Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014:

I miss you so much :)  I started decorating our apartment.  I cut out a reindeer from wrapping paper and put it on the wall.  It is so cute.  We’ll get a picture of it.  Can you be sure to bring my camera when you come to get me?  I know we'll want to take pictures during that time :)  I am putting up red crepe paper.  I am going to figure out how to make those paper star/flower things and I will hang it where the streamers connect.  And underneath, I will put my study desk with the nativity set you made me :)

HA!  That is so exciting that you are driving here so soon.  Do you know where we will be staying?

Is there snow at our house right now?  What is the forecast like?

OOh!  I forgot that my birthday is even coming!  I don't want you guys to worry about buying my anything, mostly I just want to be with you! :)  I would like it though if you help me pick some new clothes when I come home.  

We are going to the temple visitor center tonight with Mauricio and so that is really exciting.  We had an MLC yesterday so it took the whole day.  The ipads are not coming until next year ;(  Oh well!  I did it all the real way!  

Have you heard about the "He is the Gift" initiative?  The church is doing a lot of expensive advertising for it!  The church is doing such big and cool things!  You should watch the short video on

Well, I will see you really soon! :)

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