Sunday, November 30, 2014

Emily sent us the following email and pictures on Monday, November 24, 2014.  I'm sorry it has taken me (Heidi) so long to update Emily's blog this week!

Hey you guys!!

Thanks for your emails!  Today I am finally mailing you some fun things I thought of that we could do with German and Francisca!

Mauricio came to church yesterday!  He came all dressed nice in a purple shirt!  He asked him how he liked the church and he was like "de ser honesto, me encanto" (to be honest, I loved it).  There was a huge outpouring of love from all the members.  He checked to make sure that the day he could get baptized is still the 14th, and we said yes.  He is already talking to his boss to make sure that we won't have to work that day.  I really won't be satisfied until he has a set schedule that doesn't allow him to work on sundays because just asking every week and seeing how it goes doesn't feel safe enough.  

We have another investigator with the same baptismal date, Rosa, the bishop's mom, but I don't think she's going to make it.  I think there are just too many other things that preoccupy her mind.  

We had to drop some of our good long term investigators.  Then we had a bunch of other ones drop us.  It is just so hard for people to act.  I love it when we meet people who will act on our message.  They are so rare and of such high caliber.  

I love you guys so much!  You are the best parents and you are my best friend.  I can't wait to get to share these things with you guys.  I"m sorry if I'm not always the best writer.  I feel like I am a more in-person kinda person.  So, yes I'm very excited to see you guys in the flesh!  

We had the lady from Salt Lake come and talk to a group of spanish sister training leaders and zone leaders.  She was super nice.  They are gathering information to see what kind of learning programs they should design for people pre-mtc, mtc, field, and post field.  She would ask us questions and get lots of different answers.  She also tried out some survey questions to see how they were interpreted and how they should tweak them before sending the survey out.  That is something I learned in stats: the wording of survey questions couldn't carry higher importance.  You have to really look at what you want to measure and make sure that is what you are measuring.  It was just really interesting.  She works at the MTC and told me to come visit with her after I finish my mission. :)

We had a fun thanksgiving party.

We had a special MLC last night.  We drove down to Santa Clarita and spent a few hours with the president and with Jerry Gains (Area 70) and just talked about a few things.  It was a pretty loose agenda, but they shared some scriptures and talked about making sure we really share our testimonies with investigators about how we've repented and they can do it too.  His wife told about how they got married and told us to follow the promptings we get from the holy ghost and not fight against them.  There was definitely that theme going on a bit haha.  

Besides all that, just the normal, finding people, teaching lesson 1, trying to refind investigators, contacting, referrals, etc.  

I'm doing good and I am happy.  

Love, Hermana Christensen

Subject: THIS IS MAURICIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Rodriguez, Emily, & Mauricio
Emily and her companion, Hermana Rodriguez~a "selfie" in the mirror!

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