Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Emily sent the following email and photo on Monday, March 10, 2014:

Dear familia,

Things are good here in Arleta.  We have good ward members.  Our investigators should be more committed.  We do a lot of finding.  We need to do more 'potential' follow-up because otherwise the contacting is useless.  I think this transfer is more about other things than specifically contacting.  I think there are other things I'm supposed to learn.  

Something about Laman and Lemuel is that they go through the same things that Nefi does, but in the end, Nefi is strong and Laman and Lemuel are bitter.  What is the difference?  You could say obedience or humility but actually I think it is that Nefi knows the purpose that the Lord has and he realized that these things are meant to make him who the Lord wants him to be.  It is almost more his mind-set and that he can see and use his trials to make him more faithful/obedient/humble/diligent/etc.  When we truly realize that we can take the same situation and either come closer to the Lord or pull a Laman and Lemuel, the choice is obvious and we feel like we've broken out of a lesser mode of coping.  

You and Peter need to do something fun for your anniversary.  I am going to spoil the surprise and tell you that next Monday I am mailing you some pan dulce to eat. (very Mexican)  You will probably have to carefully warm it up before you eat it.  It will make it get soft again.  I always think it is best when eaten with soy milk.  I will also mail Skibby's birthday present with it so don't let her open it until the 25th.  

I love you so much!!!!

Love, ME!

This man is 99!  And we started teaching him and when we asked him about his 
religious background he told us he was Mormon! (truth)

That cute old man.

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