Monday, March 31, 2014

Emily sent us the following email on Monday, March 31, 2014:

Dear Familia,

I am so glad that I am a missionary.  Sometimes I think what it would be like to be a real person and I feel like being a real person would be really sad. 

I have realized that I need to be a lot better at a lot of things.  I try to do diligent studies but I want to increase that a lot.  I'm trying to figure how I can have more revelatory personal studies.  I know that they are better when they are centered around a question but sometimes I feel like I'm just picking a question so that I have one. 

I want to get my language skills a lot better.  I hope that at some point I can get to have another native companion. 

We are trying to improve church attendance again.  It is a constant thing you are working on. 

I'm excited that general conference is so close!  We watched the women conference all in Spanish because we were able to get an investigator there from just 1.5 hours earlier.  Surprisingly, I understood basically everything but I wasn't able to have more advanced thoughts because my mind was just working on translating everything. 

We have an investigator named Teodoro and he is about the most tender thing you can even imagine.  Every time he sees us he says "hermanitas!!"  We got him to church on Sunday and I think he just loved it.  He is probably in his 70s..  He diligently reads El LDM [El Libro de Mormon] and has never even had a question as to whether any of this is true.  He just accepts it all.  Even though it seems like he is childlike in his acceptance of this message of truth, his example shows a lot of spirituality and faith.  His heart is so open to the truth and even though a lot of people might even want to do what he is doing, I don't think they could pull it off with his sincerity.  He is precious.  We took our recent convert Enio to a lesson with them and watching them interact melted my heart.  Teodoro's wife Yolanda goes to Dialysis every other day and takes the bus.  She works in the morning selling tamales she has made and so she isn't able to come to church.  I don't think she quite has the mental capacity to understand what we are teaching because she can't really focus very well. 

I love you!

Love, Hna. Christensen

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