Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Emily sent the following email on Monday, March 3, 2014.  She has been transferred to Arleta, CA, but we don't know her new mailing address yet.

Hey familia that I love so much!  

I am back in the valley! This was a good move by the president.  I have a testimony that President Hall is an inspired man.  The work is so much harder in Santa Clarita that I have this theory that they send missionaries up there so they can become excellent and then come back and destroy it in the valley.  

I am in a tripan now.  My new companions are named: Hermana Clifton and Hermana Blankinship.  I feel like I have learned a lot about loving people and being patient and about what is important. Before I left Santa Clarita on the morning of transfers, my zone leader Elder Guevara (from south/west jordan) came to my apartment to pick up my bike and offered me a blessing because he knew that I'd never ask for one even if I needed one.  As time has played on and experiences have unfolded, I have found the words he told me to be more and more inspired. 
To say we have been experiencing a lot of rain here would be an understatement.  It has been dumping.  (Hopefully pictures to follow)

Edilberto got baptized on Saturday.  Yay!

Enio got baptized on Sunday.  Such a tender man!

The ward here wants to be very involved.  Maybe to a point that it is almost detrimental, but I'm going to have it work for our advantage.  

Woo!  Arleta!!

Con amor, 
Hna. Christensen

I said goodbye to Santa Clarita this last week. This is the sweet little Mendez daughter. 
She cried when I left and gave me these flowers. 
She told me that she wants to go on a mission when she gets older.  
She is the smartest little girl I think I have ever talked to.  And president Mendez
 is one of the best men.  He really reminds me of you, Dad.
  He always has so much energy and gives everything to the work.
  He is the miracle our branch needed. :)

Hello Arleta and the rain!  This is us on the way to the Baptismal interview!  We were trying to help Edilberto find us so he could pick up Enio (right) and take him to his baptismal interview.  We met this wonderfully sweet Chinese woman and it was a bonding moment for all involved!  This picture doesn't do the amount of downpour justice.

Two of my absolute favorite comps

Hermana Herrera (left) & Hermana Larsen (right)

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