Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Emily sent the following email on Monday, June 30, 2014:

Ok, so today is a crazy day because....wait for it......  I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED!!!!!!   I was extended a calling to be a TRAINER!!!!!  This is really cool because we haven't gotten Spanish Hermanas for a long time and this time there is only 1!  Since the big groups, only released sister training leaders have been trainers, so my companion says this is really a neat opportunity! 

I have wanted to do this for my whole mission because I feel like there is something so magical and special about being trained and having a trainer. 

Speaking of trainers, my HNA Pulver is going to be leaving the mission this transfer meeting.  I got to share some special time with her when all the Spanish missionaries in our mission went to the temple.  She hugged me a lot and told me how much I meant to her.  We both felt like we'd done the most pure missionary work of our missions when we were together in El Camino.  She told me that I gave her her 'kick' back and that I could even ask the president. 

I have this feeling that I am going to be transferred into YSA because they are white washing that companionship..  I'll let you know!  Kaylie Pulver is the name you can look for on facebook or something.  I told her that you guys wanted to go to her homecoming.  She is going to give me the info and stuff, and I can mail that to you.  I'll see her tomorrow at transfer meeting. 

I think you guys should stop worrying and plan to come and pick me up and stay here for 2 days!

Love, me!

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