Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Emily sent the following email on Monday, July 7, 2014:

You are never going to guess where I ended up!!!!!

EL CAMINO REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have made the return!  I am not in the same area that I was before, but it is the very same little barrio!!!!  All the women are so excited that I am back!  They have been calling and telling everyone!  I had many joyous reunions at the church.  Francisca was so happy!  I was going to wait to surprise her on Sunday, but somehow word got around and she called us Saturday and left the sweetest little Francisca message: 

"Hola!  Hermanita Cristensen!  Estas devuelta y la quiero mucho!  La quiero mucho mucho!"

My new companion is Hna. Avila!  Oh and she is SOOOO wonderful! <3  She is cute and little and intelligent and spanish and classy and charming! <3  She is from New York, but her family comes from Mexico.  She is 23 years old and she graduated in Business.  The president gave us a training before we had transfer meeting and he talked to us about the importance of being a trainer.  I know that there is no more important calling than this.  I remember how much of an impact Hna. Pulver made on me and I am hoping I can do the same for her.  When I was with Hna. Pulver, we basically didn't eat and we just ran all the time.  I don't want to kill Hna. Avila, so right now I'm going more for methodic diligence.  That will be easier to sustain for her stay in the mission.  

During the training the president said that when we was talking to one of the girls (Hna. Avila) that the whole time he was thinking: Hna. Christensen, Hna. Christensen, Hna. Christensen, she is perfect for Hna. Christensen.  :D  I'm very pleased!

It's cool because the ward members here...well, they don't just feel like miembros.  To me they feel like family and so it more just feels like I am surrounded by my friends.  This is actually the relation that people always hope to have with members, but it can never be achieved because of the amount of time that missionaries stay in an area, and...I mean, all the best members are here.  

I've started sending them words of latter day profets in texts everyday, and they love it!  We got a phone call from an hermano last night after I sent one about obedience and he wanted to come and see us and bring us food!  Hna. Trujillo told us that that text arrived in an opportune moment.  Francisca called us.  Hna. Davila sent us blank texts back (a frequent occurrence because our mission phones can't handle anything sent from iphones) and there were some other responses!  The biggest thing about this is that we also send them to our investigators and the most promising recent investigators and I can see that this little bit of additional diligence and caring for the talents we've received is going to show the Lord that he can bless us with more.  It's always bothered/haunted me that we get so many potentials and they just go in a book and not that much seems to come of them.  I think every missionary wants to keep better and more diligent track of them, but somehow it seems to take last priority.  Finally, I feel like I am doing better!  

The girls in the area before us had a sick one and really didn't work that much, so we are building up from scratch and that is completely ok. 

I am very officially the piano player for Sacrament!  I'm going to have to take some time because my skills have diminished and I never really even played hymns in the first place.  

It just blows my mind everytime I drive through town because everything is so familiar.  I didn't think I'd get to see it again until after my mission.  It's kind of like God knew that this is where I was the happiest, and he is going to let me develop an even better relationship with the people here by letting me be around them when my language skills are better.  

We speak in spanish a lot and I love it!  Basically all the time!  I don't think learning a language inside the united states or out makes a difference, I think it has completely to do with your companion.  

Mom, this bracelet is definitely the best!  I found some purple ribbon in our apt and threaded the beads on that and it's nice!  I want to make one for Hna. Blankinship.  Do you think you could mail me just the beads or something? :)

That is exciting that Skib is heading out so soon!  Wow and Sammy!  I mailed him a little book in which he can write scripture references that he likes.  

Nothing else scary or crazy yet!  Coincidental...that doesn't even phase me enough to recognize anymore!  Mostly just overly loving spanish people that want to give us lots and lots of food.  They think that we starve and are always running around with hunger!  Haha  Also, they want to make us fat!  

Love you!

Hna. Christensen

p.s. 19050 Sherman Way 242, Receda......just for you mom :)

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