Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We received the following email & photos from Emily on Monday, July 21, 2014:

I am loving being here in El Camino Real!  I am officially the sacrament pianist and that just keeps all the missionaries amused!  I'm just kidding, but the struggle is real.  I was able to decently play the right hand yesterday and I think I can slowly get both hands on the ones for next week.  

Francisca calls us at night and we sing over the phone and then pray together.  It is the sweetest thing. She loves me mucho mucho!!  I can't wait until you guys get to meet her.  She and German are almost on track to be able to go to the temple. German is so sweet.  You should see how much he loves me at church.  He is so humble.  I would do anything for that family.  

Speaking of humble, Hna. Escobar is a cute little Guatemalan that feeds the missionaries dinner every Monday out of her little trailer.  She does little odd and end jobs selling things here or there and doing sewing jobs.  She is the perfect example of one who temporally doesn't have very much, but gives almost everything she has.  

I felt very guided by the spirit this week.  We have been praying with the members over our map and letting them send us wherever they want to and in almost every place, we find someone that we both feel was the person that we were meant to reach.  

We diligently pray over the map too and it has changed my whole mission experience.  We picked this one place for a blitz that didn't make sense for almost any reason so we thought we should at least drive out there before we took our whole district there.  We drove there at night just before going home and found a very familiar utah-looking chapel and even though it was dark, it was so obvious that we'd driven across our whole area exactly to a mormon church.  

We are doing a lot of work with menos actives.  We had about 8 at church. 

Hno. Sacor and his family made this dinner for me because I was leaving.  He said when I come back that we will have another party and we will be dancing..muhaha!

This was Hna Pulver’s last transfer meeting!! 
[Hna. Pulver was Emily's trainer a year ago and Em loved her!]

These are our zone leaders and neighbors!  These handy little fruit things grow on the bush right below their window.  Let's just say we have frequent Romeo and Juliet window scenes Haha

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